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Services & Fees

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

You are reserving this time for yourself, and we honor that. We can focus on a specific area to decrease pain and increase function. If you are needing relaxation, no problem. Here at Sandpoint Advanced Massage Therapy™, a unique bodywork session is designed just for you. Simply tell us your goals and we will take it from there.

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Pregnancy and Post Partum Massage

With the demands on the mother’s pregnant body, it is important to support a peaceful and healthy pregnancy for both mother and baby. Joline has attended over 40 births as a Midwife's assistant, both at home and in the hospital. She has taught multiple pregnancy massage classes and has attended workshops that help support the changes in the pelvic floor and your body during pregnancy.

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Add on's  - NO FEE!

All "Add-on's" are included in the price of your massage.

Aromatherapy to aid in relaxation and improve well being. 

RockTape to soothe pain and improve athletic performance. 

Hydrotherapy to assist in the healing or relaxation process using  hot or cold treatments.

Cupping to aid in pain relief by increasing relaxation and circulation to the area applied. 

        Fees:   1 hour          1.5 hours          2 hours
                    $120/$150        $165/$200          $210/$280

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Make someone's day better.

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