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Meet the owner

Hi, I’m Joline Wolf, a licensed massage therapist for 34 years and Sandpoint Advanced Massage Therapy™ owner and founder.


My mission is simple: help people find relief from pain so they can enjoy their life and do what they love!


I’ve been a massage therapist since 1988, and my journey into massage therapy began as a child. My father would massage my feet often, which was nurturing, relaxing, and therapeutic for me. At one point in my childhood, I suffered from a painful fall injury, so at 10 years old I began regular massage, chiropractic, and other treatments to help me heal. Little did I realize that I would “grow up” to become a massage therapist and provide healing touch for others in the same ways I experienced growing up. 


Then, at the ripe age of 18 years old, I was faced with the age-old question, “what am I going to do with my life?” One day while in the car with my mother, she said to me “why don’t you become a massage therapist?” Honestly, the thought had never occurred to me. 


At the time, I was working at the front desk of a chiropractor's office. When he asked if I could work on his back, he told me afterward that I was a "natural" at massage, and his words planted a seed for my future. Fast forward a few years, I decided to check out the local massage school to get more information and ended up enrolling in classes a week later. 


Now, for over three decades I have had doctors, nurses, and physical therapists alike refer their patients to me with confidence. Massage therapy has been and continues to be my life’s work and I am passionate about helping people find relief from pain and live better lives.


In addition to being a massage therapist, I’ve been an instructor of massage, science classes, myofascial release, and pregnancy massage for many years. I am dedicated to my own ongoing continuing education studies. I’ve been a Midwife’s assistant, worked in women’s health clinics, and worked closely with many chiropractors. I am honored to have worked with so many clients, and I look forward to making your life easier!

Joline Wolf, LMT


Massage Institute of New England - 1987-1988

Formal massage training in Boston, Massachusetts.

Continuing Education

  • Balance, Restoration and Vitality for the Female Pelvis - Tom Myers and Kimberly Ann Johnson 

  • Human Fascial Dissection Lab - Tom Myers 

  • Structural Integration classes – Tom Myers

  • Advanced Myofascial Techniques – Til Luchau 

  • Myofascial Release and Craniosacral – John Barns, PT

  • Strain Counter Strain – Ed Goering, DO, JSCCI, Jones Institute

  • And many more...


My Philosophy

Self-care is the most important thing you can do for your body, mind and spirit. Some think of massage as a luxury; it’s a necessity. Touch heals. Remember when you were a kid and hit your shin? What did you do? You rubbed it to make it feel better. When you were sad you sought out a hug to make you feel better. Touch is a necessity of life. 


Healing comes from within the client. The practitioner acts as a conduit. As humans we are an intricate weave of body, mind and spirit. The art of healing lies in the ability of the practitioner to listen, to see, to perceive, more than what application of modality or massage that is used. All therapeutic interventions are a conversation between two intelligent systems. Meaning, your body on a cellular level doesn’t know if I’m using deep tissue or Myofascial Release. What matters is how your body receives the information and processes it. To let go, or still hold on. My philosophy is to "listen" and use the many techniques I have learned to help with that unspoken “conversation”.

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