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Specializing in pain relief and stress management for people who work hard and play hard.

Welcome to Sandpoint Advanced Massage Therapy™

Our therapists at Sandpoint Advanced Massage Therapy™ have been chosen to be part of the team because of their EXCELLENCE.


Our goal is for you to feel better, sleep better, and increase your performance and activity so you feel good doing what you love.


We specialize in pain relief and stress management

and collectively have over 55 years of experience. 

Move Better
Relieve Pain
Decrease Stress
Tennis player
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Meet the Team

Graham McLaren, LMT
Practicing since 2001


Joline Wolf, LMT
Owner & Founder
Practicing since 1988


Coming Soon


Pain isn't normal!

Have you been living in pain for so long you forgot what it

feels like to live without it?

Are you so tired of your pain you just can't take it any more?

Is your low back stiff, shoulders tight, and your whole body aching?

If you're looking for natural pain relief, BOOK NOW.

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What Patients Say

"Joline holds a vast amount of knowledge of the human body. I trust her like I do an encyclopedia on human mechanics, dysfunctions, and treatments. Highly recommended."

Maia G.

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As Sandpoint’s experts in pain relief, we specialize in treating many conditions including whiplash, sciatica, headaches, low back pain, pregnancy, and more. We’ve worked with thousands of clients for over three decades. Our goal is for you to feel better, sleep better, and increase your performance and activity so you can live your best life!

Singing with Headphones

Meet the owner, Joline

I have over 34 years of clinical and teaching experience as a Master Bodyworker. I help people with acute and chronic pain, have worked in women’s health, treated NFL and MLB athletes, professional dancers and weekend warriors. 

Our Specializations

We don't use a "routine"… We look for, listen to, and feel what your body needs. 

 Each session is uniquely designed to decrease your pain and discomfort.  

Myofascial Release

Prenatal Massage

Advanced Fascial Techniques

Structural Integration


Deep Tissue

"Pain relief and stress management for people that work hard and play hard".

That's what we do!

Schedule online now...

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