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Meet Graham McLaren

Graham has been practicing massage since 2001. His approach to Massage Therapy includes slowing down and sinking into the muscles and fascia. As he works deeper into the tissues, a profound relaxation occurs, which creates the space for healing. 

His mission: 

  • To increase your flexibility and mobility so you will have an active and pain-free life.

In 2001, Graham began his practice working with the athletes and farmers in his countryside neighborhood. As an active outdoor enthusiast, he has experienced firsthand how injuries and lack of mobility affect the body.

Graham opened his Clinical Massage Practice in 2003, working with collision, occupation, and sports-related injuries. This is where his expertise shines. 

His introduction to massage was no "accident." It's what saved his body! It all began with a patch of ice and a flight of stairs that led him tumbling toward his new career. First, he shuffled into a Massage Clinic to see if he could get some pain relief. To his surprise, he began to stand straighter, move more easily, and was soon pain-free and active again. This experience inspired him to pursue a career in Massage Therapy. 

In 2018, he experienced a traumatic automobile accident. Skilled Massage Therapists were instrumental in healing his body and bringing his brain back "online.”

This healing journey deepened his understanding of the benefits of Massage Therapy. 

​This knowledge fuels Graham’s passion; helping clients achieve pain-free mobility, so they can do what they love every day. 



Port Townsend School of Massage, WA 2000 - 2001

Formal massage training in Port Townsend, Washington.

Continuing Education

  • Craniosacral - Peirsman Craniosacral

  • Advanced PNF - Robert Bloomquist

Idaho Licensed Massage Therapist #MASG-1469

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Our Philosophy

Self-care is the most important thing you can do for your body, mind and spirit. Some think of massage as a luxury; it’s a necessity. Touch heals. Remember when you were a kid and hit your shin? What did you do? You rubbed it to make it feel better. When you were sad, you sought out a hug to make you feel better. Touch is a necessity of life. 


Healing comes from within the client. The practitioner acts as a conduit. As humans we are an intricate weave of body, mind and spirit. The art of healing lies in the ability of the practitioner to listen, to see, to perceive, more than what application of modality or massage that is used. All therapeutic interventions are a conversation between two intelligent systems. Meaning, your body, on a cellular level doesn’t know if I’m using deep tissue or Myofascial Release. What matters is how your body receives the information and processes it. To let go, or still hold on. My philosophy is to "listen" and use the many techniques I have learned to help with that unspoken “conversation”.

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